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Thick blood

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Hello, My dad has  multiple myeloma. Diagnosed about 6 months ago. He often needs 1 or 2 pints of blood, once every month or two. His blood is very thick so this always makes taking blood or putting in a cannula to receive it very painful for him. Is there anything that can be done to make this easier? Hospital has tried heat pads, they don't help much .

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Is it the myeloma that's causing the thick blood or is this something he had before the myeloma was diagnosed?

I did a bit of googling (I figure it's OK to google stuff I don't personally have as that's not so scary) and I checked the NHS website after looking for 'thick blood' and I found this page about thick blood. I found another for 'sticky blood' but realised you said 'thick' not sticky, but both seem to be suggesting that he might need some blood thinners. I'd suggest - if you want to - to have a read of the NHS pages and see if it gives you some ideas to take up with the doctors.

You can also ring the Macmillan helpline - Monday to Friday 9 am to 8 pm - and talk to one of the nurses. They may well have some great ideas for you.

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Thank you for your reply. The myeloma is causing the thick blood. He is already on aspirin daily to thin his blood. I've looked online but think sometimes personal experience of others on here is more reliable and helpful.

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I would ring the Myeloma UK help line where you can talk to a specialist nurse; they re very helpful: 0800 980 33 32

I have found that a blood transfusion through a cannula is painful but not through a PICC line. If he is having these regularly then perhaps he could have one fitted?