Compressed Vertebrae Pain and Recovery

Hi All

My Dad was rushed in to hospital in mid May 2021 with excruciating back pain. He had a sore back for approximately 6 weeks prior. Scans discovered a compressed L1 vertebrae which ultimately led to Stage 2 Multiple Myeloma diagnosis. 

He was in hospital for nearly 6 weeks. Got home and treatment started as an outpatient. Alas, 4 weeks in he was back in hospital for a week with increasing pain and excess fluid.

The doctors are stopping his Pregabalin so he is in even more pain while they wean him off that and try to find something new. (They think the Pregabalin caused the excess fluid).

I was wondering if anyone else could share their experiences with compressed vertebrae pain, how long it lasted and are you fully recovered from it even though you still may have your myeloma. 

Any tips for sitting or sleeping comfortably? Or any other tips for pain management?

My Dad is in a hospital bed at home with lots of pillows including vshape ones. He has to sleep sitting up nearly in bed with his back at a slight angle. 

My Dad has been in pain approximately 6 months now although the Myeloma and Compressed Vertebrae were only diagnosed end of May/ start of June and treatment started. 

Thank you X 

  • Hi Tearful,

    I am really sorry to read about your Dad, I am really hoping that the pain will start to subside soon. I had a collapsed vertebrae in my upper back on diagnosis. It was painful but it was not as bad as your Dad is experiencing at the moment. One thing I will say is that once the treatment starts and it starts to get on top of the myeloma, my pain significantly reduced and I have known this for a lot of other myeloma patients too, so I am really hoping your Dad will experience the same as he goes along. It was discussed with me that there can be permanent solutions to the collapsed vertebrae if it is particularly problematic (vetebroplasty I think it is called). I didn’t need that but might this be an option for your Dad?

    Wishing you and your Dad all the very best and some strides in the right direction really soon.