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A place for people affected by mesothelioma to support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences.


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My mum was mesothelioma in diagnosed wth pleural in Feb 2010, she went on to have VATS, decortification and chemo but sadly this awful disease took her in November 2010.

She worked in schools since 1976 as a nursery nurse and in one of the nurseries she worked in she remembers them removing asbestos.

I was wondering if anyone else on this sites loved ones worked in schools before contracting mesothelioma and where they stood with compensation claims, my mum spoke to a solicitor in the early days who were not prepared to take her case on because she had not worked directly with asbestos and thay say it is more difficult to prepare a case.

I personally think this is the tip of the ice-berg, what about all the childen who were in the schools that contained asbestos??

One nurse who visited my mum in the very late stages of the disease said to my dad they call it the teachers disease as more and more people who worked in education are now showing symptoms of meso.

Thanks for any feedback


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Is supposed to read" my mum was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in Feb 2010". (dont know what happened there)

Michael Lees
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Hello Sandra,

I am desperately sorry to hear about your mother.

My wife Gina was an infant school teacher and was exposed to asbestos in the schools she taught in. She died of mesothelioma in September 2000. Since then I have investigated why she and so many others have been exposed to asbestos in schools.  Some of my research is on my web site www.asbestosexposureschools.co.uk , or if you just Google asbestos in schools, it is the first one.

Sadly your mother's death is the tip of an iceberg as children are more vulnerabe to the dangers of asbestos.

The Asbestos Victims Support Forum are there to give help and will give you advice on how to make a claim. The contact is Tony Whitston  0161 636 7555  asbestos.gmavsg@virgin.net

Best wishes


Michael Lees


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Hi Michael,

Thanks for replying to thread, sorry to hear of your wife who probarbly like my mum was doing a job she loved and found so rewarding, little did they know of the silent murderer in their work places!!

Thanks for the info on the website and the contact nos,

Did you see on the news lastnight about 2 families winning high court cases, one against a school/lea,after their loved one was exposed to asbestos as a child in school.

I feel very angry that this disease is almost unspoken about, Lots of people have "blood on thier hands" so to speak and it seems the less it is spoken about, it is like this epedimic isn't happening.

Will look at your website with interest, thanks again


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Firstly I want to say to Sandra and Micheal that I am so sorry to hear of your losses. I lost my own dear dad to this horrible disease last september.

Micheal I was interested in your research and wondered if it covered universities as well as schools? My dad didn;t work in a school but did work in a number of universities and higher education colleges . I would be very interested to know if your research covers these types of institutions as well.

Thank-you so much