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Pleura mesothelioma surgery advice

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HI, My father has mesothelioma on his Plura. One large and 7 tiny tumours. The operation will be discussed and he has been told it's major and the whole pleura and diaphragm would be taken away and replaced with the mesh. He's very concerned by this a read so many scary articles. The question is he has a fast growing tumour. Whats the normal recovery time for this surgery in reality and is it a quality of life afterwards worth having? Or are you left partially disabled with the pain and lacking a normal life? This is his fear. Also does this operation gain significantly more time or will he recover in pain and that be his extra time? everyone is different so we are interested in your experience. He's also scared of the danger of dying under surgery as it his major. thanks

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my mother also had this kind of operation. Operation was around 8 hours long and she was kept in intensive care for week and another week in hospital. 

She felt unbelivable pain around surged part of body and also got some air leakage and she needed to put the drainer again into her lung. She was again for a week in hospital.

Operation was in September 2018. She still fells pain that will never go away, but you can adapt to live with it. Recent CT scan showed clear lungs with no disease progression. In these days, she is active woman (indeed she is young - around 50 years), taking a walks and hikes and pilates.

I think this operation is live-saving or at least makes your survival chances better. Choosing your dad as adequate candidate for operation sounds like a great news in my opinion. 

Can I ask you what is your location?

All the best!

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His in Essex but treated in a london hospital. How about your mum?

Covid and surgery and time in hospital is so worrying. Could t be a worse time. Dad is 76 but a young 76. Looks more like late 60. Been a fit man. 

What type of meso did your mum have the rare fast or slow grow? 

What would you say her recovery time was before she could start living her life again? 

Surgery and immunotherapy seem to be the rolls Royce for this tough cancer. His so worried about the diaphragm being tsken and being left as he says ‘almost disabled’. 

Did your mum have one tumour or multiple? 

We speak to the surgeon next week. 

Appreciate your time and experience with this. 

Very happy for you and your mum ct is all clear!

all the best to you too.