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Not sure where to go next

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We have been greatly let down and limited options NHS. Can I please know the name of the Medical team you use and speak so highly of? Also any immunotherapies and treatments that did significantly work. We are running out of time. Thank you

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Hi Sky is the limit,

I have just sent you a friend request. I would like to know more about your private immunotherapy for your husband. My father was diagnosed in Aug 2018 and was put on the MARS II trial. He had surgery and chemo. Until recently he had been doing well - the chemo was unsuccessful though and the cancer has since spread. His oncologist has just moved and he's been told he won't be receiving another oncologist. My husband and I are in a fortunate enough position to pay for some private immunotherapy (and oncology treatment - hopefully to reduce his pain) and would like to get some more information. Sadly, without an oncologist he is unable to be considered for a trial, he also has low-grade prostate cancer (stable for over 10 years - will die with it) which also precludes him from many trials. 

Cheers Bex*

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I would look up an expert Mesothelioma oncologist regardless of distance, arrange a consultation probably by phone, confirm suitability for immunotherapy, it works very well for many patients, but has to be prescribed.

Good luck

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My husband has been to clatterbridge  private cancer clinic in the Wirral and seen Dr Griffith who prescribed single immunotherapy treatment. Regards Karen

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My husband is now being referred to someone at the Royal Marsden who is running trials.  His latest CT scan shows only minimal growth even though he has been taken off the Confirm trial and has had no treatment for two months.  Our oncologist is not at all happy when we suggest paying for treatment without any compensation payout.

Sky is the limit

Hi Bex, the private hospital that is looking after my husband is called Rivers hospital in Hertfordshire. I would strongly advise you to have a private consultation first. When we had our consultation, we were informed different opinions that you don't get from NHS. We had our consultation in Bupa west London by a meso doctor called loic, he was really good and advised us well.

Good luck and keep up informed please xxxx. 

Sky is the limit

Hi Jayne, 

We didn't not get a compensation pay out because we don't know where my husband got asbestos from but we had a lump sum from the government and is how we paid for our private treatment