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My Dads fight with mesothelioma

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I am finding it heartbreaking to watch my Dad fading away with this horrendous cancer.He is 90 my mum is caring for him . Every step of this has been a battle since diagnosed in November ,his pain relief still not under control .yesterdsy I phoned the hospice and cried a doctor was sent out . Not the first time I have rung ,my or mum is 85 and doing her best .Has anyone else had these problems?. have suggested mum get a private nurse to help but she is too proud . I worry for her and I am doing what I can

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Hi  and welcome to the online community at what sounds like a very difficult time for your family.

I haven't been in the same position as you but I do know that when someone leaves hospital their overall care reverts back to their GP (link). Amongst other things your dad's GP can organise nursing help if needed.

You could also arrange for a social care needs assessment for your dad and a carer's assessment for your mum. Your mum may also be able to get help from care workers to support her (home care services) and her local social services should be able to tell you what is available in her area. Clicking here will give you more information on all of these services.

You might like to join the family and friends group which is a safe and supportive place where you can discuss your worries and get support from others who have family dealing with cancer.

Sending a supportive ((hug))

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What is a Community Champion?

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Hi lovely,

your poor mum and you should not be coping with this on your own, please contact your doctor and he can ask district nurse to come out and assess your needs as a family, at the very least she would be able to arrange carers to come in to help him, my dad didn’t want any help at first but once he got to know them he let them help.

Is he under the care of a lung nurse, they were extremely good at getting his meds sorted with the doctor

thinking of you