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Stable ...

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My mum has finished her first chemotherapy (6 rounds every 3 weeks). Her recent CT scan showed the meso to be stable and will see the doctor in 3 months. 
She was diagnosed in early stages last April (19) went on Mars trial - did not get surgery - her stage was 1 to 2 no spreading.

Does anyone know if the word stable means - no spreading? No larger? No signs of growth?

Also, is it normal for doctors to send away and wait another 3 months - should we not be doing something else to make sure it stays stable?? 

Any advice on others who have been at this stage and had similar experience. Very pleased it is stable, but guess, naturally mind wanders and asks questions of what else could we be doing?

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Hi Rose,

While I understand that this is a very anxious and traumatic time for you... My Dad has been considered stable since his biopsy last April.

They did a CT in October which revealed the same stability and his next one is in this April. Pending results from that then they will act.

That is on the caveat that there is no further changes. Any further changes means we must contact his local Meso nurse for further guidance.

Yes, it's confusing, but from what I've heard there are oddities where some people are considered 'stable' either pre-chemo, post-chemo or whatnot. My Dad, even though he has a growth on his pleura, is pre-chemo as it has not spread from its original site.

From what I know in this sense, stable means there is no considerable growth of the cancer.

If I was you? I would take some respite in this news and just "enjoy" it... Meanwhile do as we do. We keep an eye on my Dad (there has been some steady decline, but nothing sharp, and nothing they pick up on)... Report anything that is more than just that though :).