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Removal of indwelling plural catherter .

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My dad had a plural catherter  fitted to left lung for mesothelioma and district nurses came out 3 times week to drain it.

Just over month ago drain stopped working and dad had to get another ct scan. They have told us his lung has collasped again and filled with fluid.

They are taking him in Thursday to remove the drain. They are saying they will just leave it out as lung will probably not re inflate. I'm worried as how will this impact dad. What happens to all the fluid. Will this not impact on his heart working harder with only one lung. 

Anyone else with mesothelioma been through this...can you give me any info or complications to this procedure? 

 Dad has blood clots in good lung last time drain was put in. Please can anyone help with my questions.xx

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I have had blood clots in my Lung and they give blood thinners that I had to inject in my tummy. The collapsed lung is the worry and they will deal with that when they take the drain out.

People survive with one Lung just hope your Dad is made comfortable and pain free. 

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The doctors are not going to remove excess fluid or re inflate lung just leaving it. 

That's part I'm worried about. What impact is to other organs with all fluid. X