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Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone having had any helpful results on either of these 2 clinical trials? Any info would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks indeed.

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I don't have any personal information to share on these trials but I noticed that your post hadn't had any responses.

If you click on this link it will take you to Cancer Research UK's page about the CONFIRM trial. I couldn't see any information about results but that might be because the trial is still ongoing. Your doctor should be able to give you more information and talk to you about whether you qualify for it.

I couldn't find any link to MiST on their website but if you type that into the search bar in this group you'll find quite a few posts that mention it.

When you have a minute it would be really useful if could pop something about your journey into your profile as it helps others when answering or looking for someone with a similar diagnosis. It also means that you don't have to keep repeating yourself. To do this click on your username and then select 'Edit Profile'. You can amend it at any time and if you're not sure what to write you can take a look at mine by clicking on my username.


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We have some Mesowarriors in this trial at Leeds and they are doing well. Mist 2 has now been opened


This trial is really doing well at many hospitals which is great as you dont have to travel to far.