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My dad has recently had chemotherapy and would like to know how other people are coping?

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Hi my dad has been diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma and has just had his first chemotherapy session. He has been hospitalised as the sickness has been horrendous and he was dehydrated. He has suffered very badly with pain in his side and back, painkillers just don’t seem to work for him. Has anybody else experienced this?? Would love to hear from people.

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My husband has had pemetrexed/carboplatin, four sessions.  Found it easier than expected.  No sickness at all, he took the sickness/steroid medication as instructed.  He was tired got runny eyes and nose, got nose bleeds and had to have blood transfusion but was very manageable.  Hope he picks up soon.  Karen

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Hi L123,

Sorry to hear about your dad. My mum was diagnosed with plural mesothelioma in April this year - delayed treatment until august as was at early stage and meant we could all go on a summer holiday together. She is now about to go onto her 4th chemo cycle.

After the first one I thought that she wouldn’t be able to take them all as it affected her quite badly. Sickness, tiredness, lymph glands all swollen etc..... however she has managed all the others - she is due for day 1 and 2 then from day 3 until day 6 she is very poorly from it but this last session although first week terrible again she has recovered more quickly than before.

She dreads having them especially so as it seems so quickly after one that she has to have another. Definitely a gruelling time. Before she went on chemo she was having pains in her side up to her neck - doctors put her on pregabalin (?) which has really helped this.

Speak to those who are caring for your dad what is out there that could help him - know there are many different anti sickness drugs - mum takes a heavy duty one for first 2 days then has a lower grade one for a next week if she needs them.

chemo seems to effects everyone slightly differently so may be finding what works for him.

wish your dad and your family all the best 

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Hi there, hope your mum is doing ok. It’s very tough isn’t it. With having the sickness so bad my dad has nothing in his system for pain relief therefore coping with the chemo effects on top is just awful. All the best.

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Hi Karen, that’s interesting to know. It’s so hard knowing how they will react. All the best to you and your family.


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Hi my husband was also diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma,  finished chemo in March . I recommend a bit of exercise every day especially walking also cbd oil helped him a lot to relieve chemo s.

Good luck and I hope your mum gets well soon. 

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Hi I’m sorry to hear about your dad my husband had chemotherapy last October had 3 out of four sessions as made him very poorly too so decided not to do 4th so be careful !!as regards pain management he’s on slow release morphine twice a day and oramorph in between  and paracetamol  as the pain with the disease is quite hard to control our Macmillan nurses and pain clinic are amazing and he shouldn’t be in pain so don’t hesitate to ask for help sending much love at this awful time