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What support is there?

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my dad was diagnosed with Peritoneal mesothelioma 4 weeks ago. His scans have been sent to Basingstoke but we still haven’t heard anything back. Is this a normal time to wait? He and the rest of the family feeling in limbo with no real idea of what is ahead of us. Does anyone know What support services are available to help family members too? 

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Sorry to read about your dads Peritoneal Meso diagnosis. It can take a while to gather all the info and tailor a treatment plan - you could give them a ring to find out what is happening ?

Until one of the more experienced group members replies back, you could check out the extensive Macmillan Peritoneal Mesothelioma information section here.

Hope this is of some help for now, G n' J

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sorry to hear about your dad’s diagnosis. My mum was diagnosed in April. Shock does not describe it. We too had a wait and seemed like an eternity to hear anything. My mum just felt like everybody had given up hope on her - had no idea who was in charge of her care no one ha been in touch. So I phoned mesothelioma Uk (charity) and spoke to the nurses there. Amazing. Truly amazing. Phones around chases people for us took control and within a week my mum had had a meeting with doctors and oncologists and they have been part of her (our) journey since.

Amazing people who really are there for you. 
Best wishes for your dad and your family.

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Hi, I was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma six weeks ago and have been referred to Basingstoke. They have a meeting once a month to review cases. I contacted the Specialist Nurse, Sam Westbrook to get an idea of when the meeting was, she was very helpful and rang me back after the meeting to update me. I'd recommend getting in touch with her. Her contact information is on the Basingstoke Hospital website.

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Hope this helps