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Coroners report

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Hello everyone, not sure if anyone can help me. I first posted on here back in June after my dad passed away from mesothelioma. I was wondering how long it takes for the coroners report and the inquest process takes? My dad passed away in May and we have yet to hear anything regarding this - what tends to be to usual timescale for this? Me and my family feel that we don’t have any closure in dealing with my dads passing - even though we will never ever ‘get over’ loosing him, this waiting is agony and so painful! To be honest, I have a feeling that we will be called to testify during the inquest as the correct procedures were not followed but the one-call’ doctor who attended after my dad passed way. Sorry to ask, but any advice would be welcome as we feel so much in limbo. Thank you all so much for you support following my first post, and thank you in advance for this one. Paul

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Hi Paul and family

I too lost my husband in May we had been married for 47 years, and was told the inquest would open on the 5th June with the final inquest on the 2nd of October, but this was cancelled last week, due to the NHS not supplying their reports to the coroner, and no further date has been set .I also find this process distressing and feel it makes me mad. I have been told by the coroner that once all information is in place and a new date is set, and things will not be long or drawn out,I made a statement at the time of informing them, and I don't think anyone needs to stand and make any other statement. If you are unsure you can contact the coroners office and speak to the person in charge of your dads case, they  are very helpful, and if you have any questions regarding procedures, they will be able to reassure you. You can get on with most of the other tasks like probate etc, with the interim certificate. I know how you all must be feeling, but its out of our hands, I was hoping that tomorrow would have given me some sort of closure, but even then i'm not sure I will ever will.

Take care of each other .


Barb x