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Questions for the Oncologist

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My dad had mesothelioma 14 years ago and survived 21 months after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I was on this forum then and found lots of support and advice.

My friends dad has recently been diagnosed after a biopsy and is waiting to see the Oncologist this week. I have wrote some questions down for her but as my dad had this some years back I was wondering if anybody can give me any more up-to-date advice they should be asking at this meeting. Thank you!!

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Hi , I've popped into the group (I have a different cancer) to say well done you for trying to help your friends Dad. I must admit when I was recently needing to prepare a list of questions after a biopsy mine were quite generic.

What treatment do you recommend for me?

What is the aim of the treatment?

Are there any other kinds of treatment that might work just as well?

What are the benefits and risks of each one?

What might the side effects be?

How can I make a choice between the treatments you have offered me?

How soon will the treatment start?

How long will the treatment last?

I read through this section on questions to ask and it reminded me that you dont have to ask everything all at once in fact the last question I wrote down was If I have some more questions who do I contact and how?

I am glad I asked that as I was seeing a very matter of fact surgeon once and after the oncologist and I was more able to explain to a macmillan cancer nurse my concerns and get her to speak all the technical jargon to the surgeon to explain where I was coming from. 

Your friend might want to look through the information and support pages on here for his type of cancer or get hold of some of the Macmillan booklets from the hospital, or that can be downloaded from this site, or perhaps ring the support line.

I hope some of this plus your list helps him


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