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Percutaneous cordotomy

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Hallo all,

I have had a look on this group for anyone's experience of a cordotomy, but there does not appear to be anything recent? Does anyone have any experience of this procedure please? My husband is being offered it as none of the drugs really work and he is in such pain. If anyone has any long term experience (as in a few months or so - that is long term for meso peeps!) we would love to hear about it.

Husband was diagnosed in March 2015, still fighting the beast....



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So sorry to hear this MadisMum.

We are at the very beginning of the mesothelioma journey but I didn't want you to feel isolated in not receiving a response. With this being quite a rare cancer I feel like we all have to band together to help one another.

I've googled the procedure and found some further information here which you may already be aware of: