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Travel insurance

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My mother has recently been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, awaiting a appointment with the oncology team to discuss treatment as shes opted for chemo rather than surgery.  Due to other medical issues we are struggling to find resonable travel insurance for her trip to spain. Any ideas of where to look or contact would be appreciated 

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Firstly ,very sorry to hear about your mothers' diagnosis.  I was diagnosed in May 2015 and to date am still hear.  So all may not be a dark as it seems at the moment.

With regards to travel insurance, I have used MIA, they were reasonably priced and don't exclude people with Meso.  Having said that I have had a number of trips abroad since my diagnosis, only once getting insurance because it was a requirement of the trip.  Unless your mothers other health issues are more volatile than the Meso or the time period away is very long, do you really need to bother?  (Or is that irresponsible of me!). I do feel we all get caught up in this insurance business but how essential is it really?

Good luck with your search and best wishes to you and your mother.


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Hi , I just noticed your question about Travel Insurance.

If you follow this LINK it will take you to a general thread where folks have posted about the challenges and success in Travel Insurance.

All the best.

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