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My mum - confusion and seizures

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My mum got diagnosed with Pleural Mesothelioma last April (so 11 months ago), she went downhill Xmas and has been bed bound since, she's been in and out of hospital a lot having blood transfusions. A week ago she was a wrr bit confused but not that much.  Wednesday morning she changed....she had an absent seizure and forgot she can't walk or stand and decided to get out of bed so ended in a heap on the floor. She ended up in an ambulance and had a massive seizure on the way to hospital,  since then she has had many seizures and is now like someone with late stage dementia (she is only 70 and has no history of memory loss or confusion). She is now on tablets to stop her having the seizures. She is beyond confused, she dosnt know who me or my brother is and is talking complete jibberish, getting quite agitated and is hallucinating. She had a CT scan (we thought the cancer had spread to her brain) which shows it has not spread to her brain. It shows the tumours in her lung and abdomen have grown a lot since her last scan in January.  The Dr's don't seem to know what is causing the seizures etc....I just wondered if anyone has experience of this. Her Macmillan nurse said her decline to end of life will happen quickly now,  as did the dr I spoke to today.....

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Morning mummyenglish - I am so sorry I cannot help, my dads meso didn't have any of these traits and I haven't read of anything similar (and I have read everything I could find about meso).

My heart is breaking for you and your family - stay strong my lovely.


Katie xx