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I am sat here on a Monday morning thinking about all the families waking up to another day.

I have an appointment later today with an officer from the local coroners office - just as a reminder - should your loved one pass away with Mesothelioma the coroner will be involved and an inquest will be required.

The doctor who attended when dad passed away wasn't familiar with Mesothelioma and told me to make the necessary arrangements, I had read on here about the coroner, I rang 101 and the police arrived in no time and took control informing the coroner and giving me the correct information.

Take care of your loved ones everyone.

Kate xx

Katie xx 

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Hi BirdK I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one.

However,  I wanted to thank you for sharing that valuable piece of information for everyone to see and be aware of  as its these kind of things that we don't always know but do need to know so thank you for sharing this in the forum.

Sending very best wishes your way.

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Hi BirdK,

So sorry for your loss, stay strong and try to remember the good times as much as possible. Others may also find the existing Macmillan info on Corners Inquests helpful, so I've added the link below.