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The future

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Hi all,

my name is Chris and I am 30 years old. I was diagnosed with mesothelioma a year ago next week in the abdomen but was told it has spread to my right lung in August 2018.

i was first diagnosed due to persistant tiredness, cramping, pain and weight loss. I had 10 litres drained from my abdomen, ultrasounds, ct scans 5 biopsy’s and 3 operations for a diagnoses to be confirmed. I was told I was the youngest or one of the youngest in the uk to get this disease.

following the bad news that it has spread in August to my lung, I have had 3 litres drained from my lung and have my #6 chemo cycle next week. The chemo has been tough but on my half way cat scan I was told my meso had shrunk by a 3rd in the lung and remained the same in the stomach. My doctor said this was rare.

I am under the care of professor spicer at Guys in London. He seems very clued up with the disease and had told me I will have a break after my last chemo regardless of the results. I’m not sure if I should be asking to be referred to one of the specialist units in Barts and Leicester.

as a 30 year old who has just bought a house and getting married in July was wondering what the future holds. It would be great to get advice or guidance on what I should be doing etc. I’m working full time as a pe teacher and love my job and hopefully remain to do so. 

Many thanks


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Hi Chris and welcome to the online community

Although I can't help with your questions, not having this type of cancer myself, I noticed that your post had gone unanswered. By replying it will push it back to the top of the page where hopefully it'll be seen by someone who has the experience you need.

If you don't get any replies you could post in ask a nurse and one of the specialist cancer nurses will aim to respond within 2 working days. Alternatively you could give the Macmillan Support Line a call on 0808 808 0000. It's free to call and available daily from 8am to 8pm.

Wishing you all the best


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What is a Community Champion?

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Hi Chris,

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis at such a young age. Firstly, try to maintain a positive attitude, it really does help with dealing with our condition.

Secondly, I would suggest a rethink on the work front to get the best work-life Ballance you can. (But just my opinion). Given the diagnosis of Mesothelioma it should provide you with a number of options which should help with your latter query on advice and guidance.

Working on the assumption you haven't pursued any form of compensation I'd suggest you look closely at the following. Any of which will help in securing the right financial support for now and the future. Please don't think on these as giving up on life (as that's not what I highlight them for), its more about making sure you have the money NOW to do things now while you can with your family and friends.

Work - as a school teacher you should consider if you qualify for early retirement on medical grounds, details here.

Gov Compensation (UK Only)

Upon diagnosis of Mesothelioma you are entitled to immediate gov compensation, the value of which is dependant upon age (the younger you are the more you'll get). This is paid direct to you and is only repayable if you successfully win any personal compensation with a former employer etc. who has been proven to have caused your condition. Details below

Life Insurance

Check to see what the specifics are on your life insurance, often if the cancer is categorised as being a terminal cancer, they will pay in full the values of your insurance. This could prove very helpful in relation to your recent house purchase.

I hope these help ease your worries and help with concentrate on fighting the cancer.

All the best, Pappa

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Hi Chris,

Very sorry to hear of your diagnosis.  I just wanted to support Pappa in the suggestion of getting compensation.  I was a teacher, now retired, but I did have a successful claim against my local authority.  The schools I worked in had asbestos in their fabric and I could prove it was not properly sealed and safe.  Infact one of the schools I worked in had two cases of Meso.  All the solicitors work on a 'no win no fee' basis so you won't lose out and they do all the work!  My advice is to have a go.

Best wishes.


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Hi Chris, my partner was also diagnosed with plural mesothelioma in March last year at 33yrs old , we went through pneumonoctomy surgery  he is now completing his chemotherapy this month, he is also on a trial in combination with chemotherapy. The disease is stable and he is due for another scan next week . Anything you need to know please feel free to ask, we totally understand what you are going through and we will help each other.