Pleural mesothelioma

Hello im new to the site .my husband was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in june 2017.Had 6 lots of chemo  and still doing well. .Gets a bit tired but can still carry on with everyday things .He has scans every 2 months .We are staying positive 

  • Hi  and a very warm welcome to the online community.

    I don't have any experience with this type of cancer but I noticed your post didn't have any replies and I just wanted to welcome you. 

    I'm glad that you are both feeling positive about your husband's diagnosis and I wish you both all the best. 


  • Hi Matty moo,   My husband was also diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in April, 2018.   He went on Mars 2 Trial and had 6 rounds of chemo he is also doing well, after his last chemo in September.   He had no underlying conditions, apart from being diagnosed with prostate cancer in November, 2017, which he gets hormone treatment for.    He has not done his weekly 80 mile cycle ride but hopefully when the weather gets better he will.    We are also very positive.       

  • Hi 

    I've just joined the group and I'm really glad I have.I need to know how others are coping with there diagnosis.I too have had six treatments of chemo,and am doing fine.I was diagnosed in may 2018.Hope you and your husband stay as positive as you are.

    Regards Bob k

  • My husband was diagnosed in june 2017 .Was very poorly july 2017 as cistplatin made him so ill .So changed chemo drug and hasnt had chemo since november 2017 .He is still able to live life well .He goes out  walking .Last scan showed tiny growth so probably back on chemo again soon.We stay positive as have 5 grandchildren .x

  • Hope all goes well with chemo.   My husband was diagnosed in April, 2018, and had 6 rounds of chemo on the Mars 2 trial.  He is waiting to go for a second opinion, hopefully shortly, goes out walking most days and is keeping well.   Think it is good to stay positive.

  • Hi, first time I have posted but your posting gives me hope.  My Husband was diagnosed with Prostate cancer February 2018 and then in September was diagnosed with Bi-phasic Mesothelioma.  He joined the Mars 2 Trials in Maidstone and is about to have his 4th round of chemo (not picked for surgery).  He has not been at all well since starting with breathing problems and literally can't do anything without getting totally breathless.  So thankfully he will improve and reading this has given us new hope for after the chemo.  So glad for you and your Family - it is a terrible disease and has put his Prostate Cancer into the background - thank you regards Christine

  • Hi 1948glover,   My husband was also diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2017, and after many scans, etc. was diagnosed with Pleural Mesothelioma in April, 2018.   Like you, my husband was not selected for surgery on the Mars 2 Trial, so had 6 rounds of chemo.   The last few chemos really floored him but now is much stronger and able to walk on average 8 miles a few times each week.   Still waiting to go for second opinion to London.   The prostate cancer has been put on "the back burner".   Wish you and your family all the very best, staying positive!!

  • All the very best to you and your Family also x