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So my 55yr old husband starts new treatment at Barts this week. 

Feeling confident but always anxious for new treatment. 

Ipm chemo anyone have any experience? 



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I've just popped over from the melanoma group as I noticed your post had gone unanswered.

Unfortunately I can't share an experience of Ipm chemotherapy with you but by replying it will nudge your post back to the top of the page where someone who has had this chemotherapy might see it and reply.

I tried putting Ipm chemo into the search facility in this group but drew a blank I'm afraid. You could ask about it in the ask a nurse section if you like. One of the specialist nurses will aim to get back to you within 2 working days. Another alternative is to join the chemotherapy group and post your question there.

Wishing you and your husband all the best


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I had 5 out of 6 treatments of chemo at Barts, but because I was on the Mars2 trial I also had surgery in January.  

I understand that the chemo dept at Barts is very hectic; generally I did not have to wait too long for each treatment, but be prepared to be there all day.

There was no problem in having the chemo.  Just take all the meds before and after the treatment as directed.  You will probably have been given all the Macmillan info on a printout.  I found it helpful meeting the ward sister and being shown around prior to my first appointment, but I appreciate this can be difficult to fit in if you live outside London.


Not sure if this helps, or fits with the medication your husband has to take before and after treatment but I was told by the chemo nurses that taking the steroid late in the day can keep you awake.  

My anti-nausea medication was 3 a day - according to the pharmacist's directions but I found this did not help as I was having lots of small meals.  However, having read the leaflet in the pack it said that you could take up to 5 which I did and had no nausea.  Ask the chemo nurses.

They come round with food but it is nice to prepare/buy things that you enjoy and look forward to snacking on during the day.

In some parts of the ward, but not by the window, I found it difficult to pick up a signal on my phone, so do not rely on that for entertainment

Hope all goes well.  I have come to love Barts and all the wonderful staff I have encountered since last autumn.  The nurses on the chemo ward are very busy but always pleasant and helpful.  Keep them happy and remember to take in your appointment card, diary and meds!

Have you visited the wonderful Maggi Centre?  If not I highly recommend this as a place of calm.

Regards, Oisin.

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Amazing advice! Thank you so much.

Went today and they were brilliant! 

Thank you so much x

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So pleased it went well dont forget if you feel sick change the medication there are so many tablets for sickness you have to find the right on Good Luck 

Mavis Nye