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Post mortem

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Hi everyone, I have recently lost my lovely mum to this terrible disease. We now have to wait to see if she has to have a post mortem!!

have any of you been through this and can give me any info, how long it takes etc..

thank you all for your help xx

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Hi Tilltots, I am so sorry for your loss, I am following the same path.

i have read somewhere that should live biopsies be taken, a PM may not always be required.  I mentioned this when the consultant informed us about the need for PM and he said that it was correct and the final decision is with the local coroner and luckily, our local coroner is sympathetic to this illness and therefore may not push for a PM.  We will have to see.

Hugs to you and your family.  Take care of yourself.

Katie xx 

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Hi Tilltots, my husband passed 3 weeks ago yesterday, he too had a live biopsy 4 weeks previously but coroner decided to perform autopsy.  He issued coroners certificate but said might take a while for official death certificate, meanwhile everything is in limbo.   I think with so many claims they are just being extra careful.  Take care xx

Horse lover
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My husband passed away in February he had a biopsy to confirm Mesothelioma so when he died the Coroner decided he did not need to do an autopsy as Mesothelioma had been confirmed, we had a inquest which was open and shut he them gave us the official Death Certificate. I was given a coroners certificate so we could start sorting things out like the funeral, bank etc.

so sorry for your loss sending you hugh hugs xx

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So sorry about your Mum -- Many Coroners are happy not to have a PM if it was proved by a BI-Op but some can ask for one. Its because it is a death from an Industrial Disease has mum claimed for compensation ? If no then that could be a reason for having a PM to be sure should the claim go through after death 

xx Mavis Nye