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Being diagnosed woth Meso

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Hi everyone

Just stumbled upon this forum during my research into mesothelioma. 

My dad had fluid on the lungs and ended up having a fall a few weeks ago and spent 2 weeks in hospital. He's been generally unwell for a few months and has had a few scans and xrays but after the fall he was reporting pain around the back and side. A scan he had a while back showed something but they wanted a 6 month follow up. 

The hospital did a scan after his fall and found a "pleural mass" and fluid so they have taken a ct guided biopsy. The doc mentioned to me that it could be meso as he was exposed in the 60s and is showing pleural plaques on xrays. She also found that the pain he experienced in the side and in the back corresponded to the pleural mass that showed on the scan results. She seemed to connect that immediately to meso when she spoke to me about it. 

He's lost a massive amount of weight and looks really unwell. He was told the results might take up to 5 to 6 weeks but he got a call today asking him to attend the hospital on Monday to meet the consultant. He's wondering why but I'm guessing they've got results back already. He had the biopsy 2 weeks ago. 

I know I should wait until the appointment but I'm kind of worried that everything is pointing towards meso. He's been breathless for months, had aches and pains that are getting worse around back and side, lost loads of weight, no appetite, sweating, cough, fluid on the lungs (treated with water tabs) plus the exposure to asbestos back in the 60s. He's currently bed bound and getting home care as he's barely able to stand up. It's awful to see this happen to him. Should I just brace myself for the worst on Monday? 

Sorry for a rambling post but my mind has been firing in all directions over the last few weeks as it feels like its becoming more and more serious every day. 

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Hiya Barney, my dad was diagnosed with meso 2 weeks ago :-( fingers crossed its not for your dad and he starts picking up.  If it is make sure you get in touch with your local asbestos support group to ensure he gets the support he needs, best wishes x

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I really hope you had some positive news today. I know, as a daughter how hard this to watch. A firm diagnosis seemed to take forever for my dad, firstly they were suspicious form the fluid biopsy then they wanted a PET scan then a lung biopsy. Its a horrendous waiting game. 

My father (67) was diagnosed in March with pleural mesothelioma. He is totally unaware where he was ever exposed to asbestos but evidently was. Unfortunately my dad hasn't responded to the chemo as well as we all hoped and has had two episodes of sepsis as a result. He must be a very strong man to still be here. He is now recovering so we hope to see if he can still 'qualify' for a second line treatment. As a family we haven't been offered a lot of emotional support which stuns me. I fully expected my father to be given some kind of counselling but other than a couple of chats with a macmillan nurse while in hospital he's had nothing. Everything has been a battle to get answers. We all feel extremely helpless. 

You must be reading every bit of information possible as we all did too. Its a lot to digest and just remember it is only statistics. My dad has attended a support group which he found quite helpful but they don't seem to be very frequent. 

Hope you get some answers soon, its a horrible time for everybody involved. 

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So very sorry to hear you have not been offered support. My husband was diagnosed 2 years ago - aged 66- and right from the start we went to a monthly support group which is wonderful. The Meso Specialist nurse from the area attends it and is always available to offer support + advice. Macmillan -  nurse, a physio, occupational therapist and someone to fill in forms for Blue badge + Allowance forms all came to our home. 

What area do you live in?

I wish you all the best

Rosie x