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Hi. just discovered this support group and just wanted to tell our journey so far.  My husband was diagnosed with Meso in January and we are now with St Barts Hospital.  My husband was offered an operation on the MARS2 trial but declined this, although I must say making that decision was exhausting and emotional.  But for better or worse now we are on the road of chemo.   He has a drain in and the district nurse visits.  I think what I agree with from reading all the posts here is the awful loneliness and fear this brings for the sufferer and the carer.

Thanks for listening.

little bean
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hello, sorry you find yourself here but welcome anyway. 

My dad was diagnosed in Dec and has just completed his 3rd round of chemo; its been tough going. He has a scan this week to see if it has had any effect on the tumour but it has already helped to get rid of a terrible cough which was really hard for him to cope with so we are looking at the positives. There are also facebook groups run by Mavis Nye for mesothelioma so you might want to look those out if you haven't already found them. There is lots of help out there so don't feel alone.

Good luck.

Burgess Meredith
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My husband was diagnosed back in October 2017 - we too went on to the MARS 2 trial and started chemo about 9 weeks ago, after the first two chemo sessions and a recent scan, the cancer has shrunk by 2cm which in their words is deemed - an amazing result. 

Although we adopted a super healthy detox diet for the past 7 months with lots of power supplements - Green Tea, Ginger Root, Turmeric (juiced), fruit and vegetable juice detoxes daily, and a whole host of other dietary stuff: cutting out sugars, junk food, processed food, meat and bad carbs (wheat based) - I'm sure this diet had a huge impact on how treatment was received and helped boost immunity. Also my hubby likes to stay physically fit which also helps.

After the 2nd session of chemo we had a follow up and we found out that we hadn't been elected for surgery. We were hugely deflated and upset with this news but after we allowed ourselves some time to think things over we realised that actually surgery maybe an unnecessary burden right now especially as the cancer is responding so well to treatment. 

And to throw even more positivity at this I have made contact with a couple of long term Meso survivors who have had the radical surgery and are still going strong alongside the detox and super healthy diet. If you want to chat about what we are doing ourselves, then please feel free to pick my brains - I'm happy to share ideas and tips on staying healthy. 

Please know that there are many carers and survivors out there that are happy to listen. 

Stay well and always be positive and hopeful, treatments are evolving all the time. 

Big Hugs to you both,

Rachel :)

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Hi Rachel, 

My dad was diagnosed about 10 months ago, with pleural mesothelioma, stage 1. he had the surgery, and a chemo bath in that area. He has also been going with supplements, juicing, and healthy diet. I would love to hear about what the long term survivors are doing, they just found a small tumor that was mesothelioma at the site of his incision. He had it removed, but not sure what to think now. I would love to hear ideas and what has helped others