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Suspected Mesothelioma and PM - Need some advice

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I haven't posted on here for a while as it has been five long years of wait with my Dad.  He was first diagnosed in Jan 2013 only to be told that because he was too frail for a VATS and a biopsy that he "might" have it only time will tell.  I was physically shown by the Consultant my Dads chest xray and "there it is".  This put a stop to any potential claim until now.  My Dad was an electrician and from his witness statement was heavily exposed to asbestos.  He had pleural plaques and pleural thickening and basically been in and out of hospital for the last 5 years with episodes of pneumonia.  It has been a very frustrating time.  He always said to me that he knew he had it but we just had to wait.  He was pretty much dependant on oxygen when he died on 1st March 2018.  He had been in hospital 20/12/17 and 23/12/17 as he couldn't breathe.  He never recovered really.  We would joke as a family that he made another xmas and that he will just go on and on but he went down hill fast.  It was his birthday on 21st Feb aged 79, he didn't really know it was his birthday and i would normally film him blowing out his candles to send to his granddaughter, I just couldn't do i this time as he was so poorly.

I feel under immense pressure to get justice for my dad and for my mum.  The coroners office have been brilliant.  He had his autopsy today and I was so worried that they would find something else that killed him and could lay the blame on that.  They stated that my Dad didn't die of anything obvious and that they have sent samples off to be tested.  I see this as good news, that they can't blame anything else which caused his death.  I have been searching the internet but can't find the answer so I thought I would ask here.  I found some great posts on this forum about what to send to coroner etc.

My question(s) are, and i am incredibly grateful to any help and appreciate that you too have probably have been or are going through a lot.

1.Can Mesothelioma be seen at autopsy like other cancers?  

2. If yes, does this mean he didn't have it? 

3. Is this normal procedure - for asbestos bastard related deaths?

Again I am sorry to anyone who is going through what myself and my family are going through.  I am sorry that your loved one was killed by such a lie and a cheat, and I thank you for any help you can give me x 

Much love


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Hello Becki,

    Firstly sorry for what you are going through as a result of this evil disease.

 My husband died in August as a result of mesothelioma. Again as you have said our local coroners office have been brilliant.

Although my husband had been diagnosed with mesothelioma from tests done in hospital the coroner also had samples taken and tested to confirm diagnosis. I also had to sign paperwork to agree to those samples being retained should there be a legal case in the future.

We have just had the inquest into my husbands death. As he did not work in an industry  known for asbestos exposure we were told to expect an open verdict. However the coroner gave a verdict of death by result of an industrial disease. 

I initially did not want to involve a solicitor. However I now have as I need to be able to tell my children if they ever ask I did all I could to find out why there Dad died.

If I can be of any help or support to you please don’t hesitate to ask. Take care xx

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Hi Becki

Firstly, sorry for your loss and good luck with your fight.

My dad was diagnosed in December at 78 years old.  He is doing OK at the moment but we know we have some tough times ahead.

Have you been in touch with ? They put my parents in touch with a local support group (HASAG in Hampshire) who gave them a lot of useful information about claims and legal background.  There are also lawyers who specialise in meso cases - the website has more information.

Once again, good luck and look after yourself


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My dad had many tests and scans before we got our devastating diagnosis of mesothelioma.

We got diagnosis 4th July and we just got 4 weeks before he died 3rd August 2016.

Because it is a industrial disease you have to have post mortem and inquests. My dad had worked many places in his 67 years. Apparently can lay dormant for many years and you don't know you have anything wrong to later years. 

I send my thoughts with you at this sad time for you all. X

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Firstly I am so sorry the delay in responding.  I cant even remember writing this post to be honest.  It has been a daze really - no one telling you anything.  I am so so sorry about your husband and children without a dad and of course you without your husband.  I am so sorry.  My first reaction was the the coroner was amazing - havent heard from them since the initial contact other the formality letter regarding samples.  

Sorry to bring such painful memories up but how long did your inquest take to happen?  

I spent weeks compiling a report about how my dad was before, when he got ill etc etc.  It is the last thing i can do for him.  

Fight - and never stop fighting against those who are responsible.  My Dad was 79 when he died, he said the Government lied to them and told them it was safe.  They knew it wasnt!  Just in a bit of a limbo land at the moment.


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HI Rebecca2018

I am so sorry for what you have had to go through. I think a previous post mentioned HASAG. My husband has been diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma at age 58. We were advised to contact hasag, and they have been really helpful. They have helped with financial claims, and also have a good relationship with a number of solicitors who specialise in these cases. I really can't recommend them strongly enough.

Good luck, and keep fighting!

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So glad you fund HASAG helpful as well Rebecca. They are such an amazing charity and I think everyone should contact them when they feel ready. They have been through this whole experience themselves which is why they set up the charity. We were told of the importance of making sure you choose the right solicitor as it is best to go for solicitors who specialise in asbestos related claims. We couldn't of been more happy with the service and recommendations given. xx

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Sorry that was meant to say "found" not "fund" lol xx