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Hi Kaz,

We just got home from the hospital stay almost a week in. The CT scan showed disease progression into his diaphragm and his abdomen also tumour growth up  top of left lung causing the pain down his arm! Positive things it’s not on his heart or liver (yet).

He started chemo “ Vinorelbine” Friday gone he has it day 1 and day 8 in a 3 week cycle. He will have it again this Friday and then will have another CT scan around the 19 th Dec to see if it’s having any effect before he continues.

He has already tried a trial with the usual two chemo drugs plus Immunology drug which had no effect also he had 12 sessions of radiation 5 weeks ago with no effect. Poor thing! His cancer seems resistant to every thing!

He is home on the Niki Pump with a syringe driver delivering hydromorphone at 20 mg per 24 hour period. This has stoped his pain except for the occasional break through about 1 or 2 a day. But confined him to receive Silver Chain pallitive care each day. A nurse will come change his pump medication. Also he can’t swim or get it wet!

We are hoping after a few days we can convertback to oral tablets so he has more independence.

He is really out of it sleeping most of the time and just waking for meals then can’t keep his eyes open. I think the drugs are too high so will be talking to the nurse today. I hope she or he is good at listening.

I just wish and hope something changes in the positive! It used to be changed each month now it’s on a weekly basis. I suppose it will soon be daily.

All we can do is enjoy each day best we can.

How are you and your husband going?

I hope you are having a better time.

Thanks for being there for me.



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Morning Kim75,

Sorry to hear about your Dad, I am looking at this for my husband and have read people are responding well to this type of op.  I hope all goes well and send my very best wishes.   Good luck x

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Hi Cathy 

Sorry to read ur latest post this terrible disease is so full of ups and downs one minute so thankful for a tiny bit of good news and next minute dropped right back down again. Thankfully my hubby is doing really good at the mo recovering really well and we r really positive. Hope u are managing to cope ok and trying to stay positive so hard when u keep being knocked back I know, 

Love to u all kaz x

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Hi electricsaint 

Thanks for asking 

Husband is doing really well we are managing to get out everyday even if it’s just to do a bit of shopping, managed a pub lunch today yay. Pain is not to bad is on paracetamol and tramadol 4x daily and lbuprofen and gabapentin 3x daily and occasional morphine in the early hours of the morning if in pain but managing to sleep in to about 7 am now instead of up at 4 am so definitely improving, how is ur dad coping with it all hope he’s managing ok and you all too 


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Thanks for the update! He's just had his 2nd bout of chemo and then waiting for a scan next week which goes off the the MARS 2 team in Sheffield. Please keep me updated on how your husband is getting on as it really helps!


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Hi everyone just wanted to catch up and wish u all a happy new year. Hubby is doing well and back on chemo next week although has a bad cough at the mo, saw oncologist last week and has had xray and all looks good, don't u just love winter hey, Have been back for follow up for Barts and thankfully all went well cancer was more widespread than we thought but managed to get it all out. 

Hi Singo how are you and your husband doing hope you had a good Christmas with ur kids 

Love to all kaz 

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Hi Kaz and everyone. I have the saddest news my husband and father of 8 died 30/12/17. Diagnosed may 2017. Way too short of a life only 57. Was exposed as a baby he was born in a small asbestos mining town north west of Western Australia Witnoom in 1960 lived there till he was o my 4 years.

All our 8 children from around Australia and the world came home for Christmas. We made it up too Kalbarri on the 22 nd after a short stint in hospital with an infection. Gordon was on oxygen for the week and the infection came back 24 th of Dec. he was flown by flying doctors back to Perth. I drove the six hour drive Christmas Day leaving our 4 and 7 year olds with their siblings in Kalbarri. They returned on the 27 th.

Gordon initially responded well to antibiotics and panadol by IV. His pain management went to the niki pump and we planned to come home for his last few days on the 28 th but he had a bad turn and was dependant on 12 litres or more of oxygen so coming home was not an option. He was moved to a room of his own the Lotus room at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital a plaintive Carr end of life room. He was still quite with it on the 28 th although just going to the toilet caused heaps of extra pain and exhausted him. Gordon then had a catheter put in to help. He ate ice cream for dinner on the 28 th and from then on didn’t eat only had sips of water on29 th. On the 30 th it was decided to reduce his oxygen and increase pain killers and a sedative to stop him feeling out of breath started at 1:30 pm. He sided by 5:30. 

It wasn’t where and when he wanted to die but it was peaceful and I got to lie with him and after gave him a cuddle on his chest which since May 2017 was not something we could do. I miss him so much and even forget he’s gone sometimes.

I really hope you and everyone else have a lot longer less painful ride.

My husband should not of had to endure such a aggressive, relentless, painful and horrific battle with this horrid cancer.

He was so strong amazing kind gentle, always the gentleman and always thanked everyone involved. He even said sorry to me and said to me that he now knew what unconditional love was.

It was only in the 22 nd of December when he turned to me and said “I think I’m sicker than I thought!”

By the 24 th he said to me he though he was dying! So so sad as I knew too. Then on the 26 th he said he was a bit scared! On the 28 th I asked if he was scared his reply was “Not for me!” Always concerned for me and our two little ones. He was the best and will live on in our love and thoughts.

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Hi singo so very very sorry to hear your news my heart truly breaks for you and your children. This is such a terrible cancer with so much pain and it's hell watching them cope with it all. My husband like yours is so much more concerned with me and how I'm coping with it all. Thanks so much for posting back it must have been so painful for to write. Sending you all huge hugs and love. Take care of yourself. Much love kaz x

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Thanks Kaz,

I prey things will get better for you guys and all sufferes of Mesothelioma.

Take care of you.