'Doctor killed by cancer she fought to cure'

I wondered if anyone else read the newspaper reports yesterday about Dr Hutchinson, 39 and a postdoctoral melanoma researcher, working in my home city of Inverness who recently died of melanoma. This was the very cancer she spent her career studying to find cures  and she also helped produce treatments for thousands of patients.  All so very sad.

  • Hi Tiptoes12, it must feel so sad an ironic for her family and friends. It is a horrible disease, I noticed the newspaper also commented on the positives of research continuing and how we patients have a better chance than years ago. I remember when I started my treatments that Jimmy Carter was in the paper for his no evidence of disease after having melanoma that had spread to his brain, that was my positive thought when I doubted how things might be. It’s difficult when having a blip and being concerned how not everyone has that happy ending but with more and more improvements in treatments, many more of us will. 


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