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New to melanoma

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Hello I have recently been told by my doctor that she is confident I have melanoma and waiting for first biopsy on the 20th. It started over 1.5 years ago as a little blister looking lump it was white with little yellow in it. 3/4 months ago it turned reddish Black and grown alot. It's been hard hearing the news and reading alot on internet. But over the past 24h it has started to shrink a little but is going really crusty and the blackness has started growing out of the skin is this normal or what is happening to it? I thought that it could only grow bigger. Thanks 

Recent update the black crusty scab has came off. Is this also normal or is this a sign it's not melanoma? 

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Sorry you’re having to join us here. I think like any normal ‘injury’ if your lesion has potentially bled/oozed then crusted over, that scabby crust can probably fall off, which may make it look smaller again. It may well be that the lesion underneath the scab isn’t healing though like a normal injury, so the scabbing may happen again. I don’t know, but either way no-one will know for sure until the biopsy is done and the results come back. Melanoma can vary massively, and each individual lesion can change itself, so I don’t think a reduction in size would mean it isn’t melanoma. However saying that, there have been people in here whose dermatologists have been confident it’s melanoma and it hasn’t been!

It’s going to feel like a long few weeks waiting for a biopsy and then the results, and you’re bound to be worried, but feel free to come back and ask any questions you may have. And remember to take what you read in the internet with a pinch of salt, there are new drugs that’s are having great results and this isn’t yet reflected in everything that’s out there!

Best of luck.


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Thank you very much for your reply. Its put my mind at ease a little. It's such a confusing time for me. 

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I think has said it all really but just wanted to say welcome to the melanoma group. (we’ve said hello in new to the community) 


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