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Has anyone experienced itching months after a SNB?

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Merry Xmas all, wishing you all good health for 2020.

i got the all clear in October the results from my SNB were clear, just the regular quarterly check ups for me now, I’m one of the lucky ones. Just one thing I am hoping some of you wonderful people can help with, anyone suffered with seriously annoying itching in the armpit area? I  still quite numb which I believe is standard but this itching is driving me insane... is it normal and how long is it likely to last? 

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Hi ,

I can’t say I’ve had itching particularly, but I was getting all kinds of weird sensations in my thigh after my groin dissection. I believe it was the nerves repairing after the surgery, but probably about 4-6 months afterwards. Sometimes sharp pains, sometimes a weird sensation like liquid suddenly gushing inside my leg, and strange tingling/burning where I touch - which I still get. It seems to have stopped changing now and I don’t get any more involuntary sensations.

So I suppose it could be nerve things, for me the nature of it meant it probs wasn’t anything else, but I guess itching could be all kinds of things... possibly fungal infection? I know infection risk is always higher with impaired lymph movement because there is more high protein liquid ‘sitting’ around, but this might not be quite the same for SNLB rather than having all the nodes removed? 
Sorry, no help whatsoever really! 


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It’s possible to get itching due to the nerve involvement during surgery. It could be the nerves are slowly recovering which could give you various sensations such as tingling or itching or pain.
If you think when you have a scab as it starts to heal it becomes itchy so it’s a possibility it’s a similar process. 

Check for redness and swelling as that could indicate infection. If in doubt I would contact nurse specialist. 

Try e45 cream or aquaous cream. 

hope it improves


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Thanks for that, no signs of skin or other infection, time wise 4 months after surgery It’s about right with repairing nerve ends and I’m back at the clinic in 2 weeks so I’ll mention it then.. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about it’s just driving me crazy.