6 weekly Pembrolizumab

I’m changing to 6 weekly Pembro instead of 3 weekly tomorrow. One question I forgot to ask was, is it given over a longer time period. The 3 weekly one is 30 mins plus saline drip before and after.

It’s one thing I forgot to ask there might be a few of you who can answer, including .

otherwise I suppose I will find out tomorrow afternoon. 

  • How weird - this only occurred to me in bed this morning before I’d even read this!! I’ve had 3 lots of double doses now and I haven’t actually noticed, so I suppose probably not!! You’ll have to let me know when you’re paying attention. I think I just go into autopilot when I get to the hospital and stop paying attention to how long things take - self-preservation for late appointments I reckon!

  • We must be psychically connected !! Grinning

    I will have a look tomorrow when they do it and let you know.

  • Well the answer is the double dose does not take double the time.

    However for me there has been a break down in communication, double dose was not prescribed but all my appointments were cancelled a few weeks ago as if it should have been. No double dose possible today as pharmacy unable to correct as already closed when error established, the choice put to me by the dr who came over was, come back later in the week for a double dose and have today’s  dose wasted, or accept today’s dose and sort out later appointments afterwards. Thinking back I’m not even sure I got an apology, in the rush to try and sort it, but they were trying to sort it.

    I know how expensive the drug is and I was already hooked up to the saline after 3 attempts to put the cannula in. The day unit were going to try and sort out the appointments while I was still there but, I could see that two other medical type problems needed to be attended to so I’m phoning the nurses tomorrow to see how things can be rectified. (day unit is already full on the day in question, but there are always cancellations). 

    Can you imagine how cheesed off I am ? 

  • Oh. My. God. I really can imagine! Like you haven’t got enough to worry about without this. What a joke. And breathe...

    So ordinarily it doesn’t take double the time, except for you who has to have double the days with a bit of added admin in between! 

    They better get that cannula in first time when you go back!! 

  • Oh no, ! I bet you were hopping mad having thought everything was sorted only to discover that it wasn't. Hopefully, your nurse will be on the ball and can get everything sorted out.


  • No not hopping mad, disappointed, frustrated and lots of emotions because the perfect solution that my nurse had implemented to get the best Christmas and avoid any potential problem re further surgery dates has been scuppered. 

    Lots of emotional baggage re having to choose between time with daughter versus no treatment delay, well I’ve deleted, as it’s not helping, it is what it is and it sucks. 

  • Sending you a big ((((((hug))))))

  • Thanks , only just spotted this, feeling calmer today !!

  • I have had the most amazing news today, the biopsy results are in and they are a bit quirky. Metastatic melanoma confirmed but virtually withered, dead. So the surgery to remove the string of lymph nodes not required as Pembro must be working on that node. Consultant says ok to give Xmas dose a miss and January definitely a six week dose, so appointments booked already for 6 weekly can stand. 

    So lots of smiles. 

  • Well that is rather fabulous! Hurray! Xxx

  • That’s fantastic news KT - so pleased for you x

  • Fantastic news and now enjoy your Christmas 

  • Hi KTatHome,

    Thats the best news I've heard in ages!  KT 1 - Melanoma 0, no surgery needed afterall and you skip class (treatment).  They say good things come in threes and they are definitely right.

    Santa came early in your house!


  • I think it’s heartening that new melanoma activity doesn’t always mean that immunotherapy has given up. 

  • That's fantastic news !!!!!!!!

    I'm so pleased for you. Now you can enjoy Christmas and spend time with your family as planned.


  • Well that's about the best Christmas present you could wish for kt. So pleased for you.