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Skin Checks

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I was diagnosed 3 years ago, had a couple of operations which all went well and have had regualr skin checks ever since. I've had a few suspect moles removed one of which was early stage melanoma.

The thing I've always been curious about but never quite got around to asking; it seems melanoma can occur anywhere not just skin that exposed to the sun, my nurse checks the soles of my feet, between my toes etc etc, all very thorough, very proffesional..  but I get to keep my underpants on, do you not get melanoma on your naughty bits ? I can understand the desire not embarrass patients but a little embarrassment seems a small price to pay.

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The quick answer is, yes you can. Like you though I'm never checked in that area. A couple of people have posted about having been diagnosed with melanoma on their vulva.


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i have recently been diagnosed with vulvar melanoma and enlarged right lymph gland. The reason it was diagnosed was I went to my Gp  with a groin swelling and something “odd” in my lady garden. After numerous CTs MRIs and a PET scan I’m going for surgery 11th December, which I’m not looking forward to. I like many people never thought of melanoma in that region but I recommend all females to check periodically. I did tell the Dr that I have never sunbathed naked with my legs open !!  to which he replied it is not always caused by the sun.

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Ali19555. The steriostatic radiotherapy (gamma knife) procedure went well although a procedure I wouldn’t like to have repeated. My head was numb for a few days afterwards but ok today. I’ve goy my PET scan this afternoon so I’m hoping and praying this does not show anymore metastasis in any other parts of my body.  Managed to get to a Christmas market yesterday to help cheer myself up.