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Sensitive feeling/uncomfortable under arm yet no hard lymph nodes!

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Waiting for WLE and Biopsy due 13th Dec. Since seeing the surgeon who thoroughly examined my lymph nodes under my left arm and neck and couldn’t feel anything obvious, my arm pit feels sore/sensitive. Has anyone else had similar but a clear result on biopsy?

I can’t help thinking it’s in my lymph nodes yet it didn’t hurt before so maybe all psychosomatic!! The waiting game is awful. 

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Hi , it’s really easy to imagine all sorts of things in this waiting game. My scan at the moment shows an enlarged node that I could  feel in my groin for a few weeks before my scan. It only felt sore when the lump got bigger and I’d been walking a lot, my scan however although it confirmed an enlarged node didn’t confirm the area as big as I could feel, that was perhaps just inflammation. So I think it’s a good sign that the surgeon couldn’t feel anything obvious. 

Good luck for the 13th. 


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Thanks for reply. I try to keep thinking I would surely feel a node if it’s at the painful stage and maybe it’s just sore from pressing it! 

I promised myself I’d take a day at a time as I can’t change what is happening but it’s becoming harder with the waiting.

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Hi ,

If it helps at all, my metastasis was a large and obvious lump in my groin, but it wasn’t sore at all. When I was reading up about it at the time, not being sore was characteristic of a tumour in the lymph node. I don’t know if this is the same for armpits though... but the constant pressing and checking (believe me I get this bit - it was a struggle not to be touching myself up in public!) is bound to make it a bit tender!

Fingers crosses for psychosomatic soreness!



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Hi Kate,

Thanks for message. It is really hard not to keep checking isn’t it and if there is anything there not a damn thing I can do about it anyway!

My arm just feels super sensitive which I hadn’t noticed before. 

I hope your treatment is going well.

Debs :-)