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Good news - biopsy results

Not us please
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Hi, I just wanted to post this as my husband has just had fantastic results from his biopsy. We have had an awful few months and I just thought this might give others hope. 
He had a mole removed on 22/8/19 and they told us straight away it was highly likely to be melanoma. We got the results on 16/9/19, which confirmed this. It was 3.5 mm thick and ulcerated so this meant it was staged at 2b. He had a wide local excision and SLNB ( lymph node biopsy) on 28/11/19. 

We got the results today, all clear no spread to surrounding cells or lymph node. I cried with relief, I was almost sure that because it was staged so high, we would be moving on to the next treatment.   What a relief and hopefully a small reassurance to others. 

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That's great news and thanks for taking the time to let us know. 


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So happy for you. There’s no feeling like it - you can breath again x

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That’s really good news and I’m sure a great relief for you both.

I’m due to have my WLE and sentinel lymph node biopsy on Dec 13th and like you I’m almost expecting it to have spread to nodes. I have a 2.1mm naevoid melanoma but no ulceration with a mitotic rate of 1. 
I’m hoping for the best but planning for worst!! It is reassuring to hear you news.

Best wishes

D :-)

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Fabulous news and it’s nice to have a positive story.

hopefully you can enjoy a stress free Christmas now. I’m still awaiting my surgery date and I’m so anxious and constantly tired that I keep thinking the worst!

I may have my pre op appointment on the 10th or 13th and I think the surgery will be in the new year.

Fingers crossed for you too Debs. 

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Hi Jo

Dealing with uncertainty is so hard and I really do understand  how you feel. I’ve began taking a day at a time and carrying on as normal until I know different as I’ve come to the conclusion it is out of my control and it may all turn out to be a positive outcome!! 

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.