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Harmless mole

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Hi I've been reading peoples experiences on the site for a couple of weeks and thought it may be helpful to share my journey. I  was referred to Dermatology under the 2 week rule and was told my mole was probably benign. The mole was excised during which the nurse mentioned to the surgeon that it was deep. I had 7 external stitches and also some internal stitches. The surgeon said I would hear back in 2 -6 weeks at the earliest although I had initially been told 4-6 weeks. I noticed that the Fastrack stamp was on her desk and believe that my results were pushed through urgently. I was very concerned as my husband is long term sick and I didn't know how he would manage if I was unwell. Today I received a letter in the post exactly 2 weeks from my excision telling me that it was a harmless mole and there was no sign of cancer. Obviously I'm very relieved but I wanted to thank you all for sharing your experiences and wish you all well for the future.x

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That's great news and thanks for taking the time to share your story with us.

It's great to hear about the moles that turn out to be just that as I think a lot of people don't come back and let us know when things go well out of maybe embarrassment. However, it's important that people new to the group see that having a dodgy mole doesn't always mean you'll have melanoma!

I hope you've had a little celebration.

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