Raised handI haven't posted for quite a while but have been looking at posts . Just thought update  on hubby. He had originally treated for malignant melanoma but developed liver  metastasis this year had 3 rounds of immunotherapy

After few up and downs  with infections at beginning of this year had been doing really well  becoming  a Grandad has helped him to have a focus . Although he's always been positive about things 

Had 3mth scans & results last month have shown that liver tumour has gone from 10 cm original  size to no visible tumour , just what they think is scaring . We are absolutely over the moon as you can imagine . Not quite believing this is happening.

Still anxious before scans but hopefully after a few more will start to  believe this is under control . 

I hope everyone is doing the best they can , taking each day as it comes . 

Sending all best wishes & hug to those who need one x 

  • That's great news

    I don't suppose you'll ever stop feeling nervous before scans but hopefully they'll keep giving you positive news!

    Sending (((hugs))) back


  • Really pleased for you and your husband. 

  • Hi DAAD

    Great news.

    So far I am NED for three and a half years after Ipi shrank my tumours. I do know that some of the first Ipi patients are 14 years NED.

    All the best

  • Hi all Raised hand
    thank you for replies . It certainly helps knowing others are on this road & doing well . 

    It's just amazing how your body can be doing this without having continued treatment .Still find hard to understand how it works . But extremely grateful that this treatment is available .

    We are off on holiday soon  ( loaded with , hats , sunscreen & plenty books )to sit in shade to watch  the world go by x 

    Wishing everyone all the best x