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Hello all thanks for allowing me to join the group  

I visited the drs yesterday after noticing a mole on my thigh that had changed colour the Dr examined it and said she was referring and I will be seen within 2 weeks.  I am now in a blind panic I have a son who is nearly 2 and I lost my mom to a rare cancer last year I am just wondering what to expect at the appointment. 

Thanks in advance 

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Hi , I hope someone else gives you their personal experience soon, my own isn’t typical as I was diagnosed with melanoma from a biopsy to my lymph node and then saw a dermatologist who checked over my body and hair to try and find my primary, with an sort of eye piece, my primary wasn’t found. I just wanted to welcome you and as I like reading ahead I thought you might like the following Macmillan link about the dermatologist appointment.

If you have any particular questions I’m sure people will have a look and help.


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Thanks for your response 

I will have a look 

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Hi  and a second welcome to the online community.

It's always an anxious time waiting for an appointment. You've done the right thing in visiting your GP after noticing a change to your mole.

Hopefully you've had a chance to read the information that  has linked you to and you're feeling calmer now.

When you see the dermatologist they will probably check your mole using a hand held instrument called a dermatoscope. This is like a magnifying glass. Depending on what they see they may decide to see you again after a few weeks to see if it has changed or make you an appointment to have it removed under a local anaesthetic. I have had this done so if you want to know any more about the excision I'm happy to help.

Once excised the mole will be sent off to be biopsied and you'll get the results between 2 and 6 weeks later. It's always a good idea to ask what the current waiting time is and how you'll be advised of the results. 

Let us know how you get on 


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What is a Community Champion?

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Thank you for your response

Yes I have had a look and it was very informative and helpful im a born worrier and my partner always looks on the bright side which is good but hard when trying to explain my anxieties around this so I decided to come on here as I have read lots of responses and they are so helpful 

I hope to hear from the hospital soon and yes I will keep you posted but thank you both again for taking the time to respond x