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Scan results couldn’t be Worse

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2 weeks after diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma my husband had scan results today. It is in kidneys, liver, spine, lungs and brain. What a monster. The first we knew was a blue mole 2 weeks ago. Now waiting for cell biopsy results and trying to come to terms. Apparently the skin lesions are the last place to show secondary melanoma. What is ahead for us?

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I'm really sorry to hear about your husband's scan results . You both must be feeling stunned.

I can't answer what lies ahead for you but hopefully you'll feel more confident once your husband's biopsy results are back and his consultant has a treatment plan organised.

Do keep in touch

Sending supportive ((hugs))

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we know only to well what you are going through, my husband has had stage 4 melanoma ,for 4 yrs had lumps cut out for 2years unfortunately 2yrs ago we were told that it had spread to a lot of places. He has been immunotherapy tablets for 22 months now and they shrunk, even the one in he’s head. He does have some side effects but on the good days we just go out and enjoy our days. They never found were his original source it’s metastatic  melanoma .stay strong 

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Hi VeronicaP

Your oncologist will suggest a treatment plan. You should also be assigned a specialist nurse who will be your point of contact. I contact mine by e-mail.

There are two possible systemic (all body) treatments for melanoma.

If the cell biopsy shows that your husband's melanoma is 'BRAF positive', then he may be offered targeted therapy. This is effective against 'BRAF positive' melanomas.

Whether your husband's melanoma is 'BRAF positive' or not, he may be offered immunotherapy. Immunotherapy super-charges the immune system to attack the melanoma. The outcome of immunotherapy is unpredictable. In some people it does not work, some people are partial responders and some people, like me, are complete responders.

I had immunotherapy four years ago and I have been NED (No Evidence of Disease) for three and a half years.

I wish you and your husband all the best


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Just 3 weeks after diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma in lungs, liver, kidney, spine and brain we saw the oncologist who is ordering in dabrafenib and trametinib to start next week. My husband says he finally understands the seriousness of his situation. He is an anxious person and does not want to read the literature provided, he leaves it to me. There seem to be so many side effects, I hope he will not suffer too many. From the blogs it sounds as if pyrexia is to be more or less expected. 

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Hi , I’m glad your husband now has a treatment plan to go forward with. I hope the side effects are on the kind side and that you both get used to the timing of the tablets and the affect it might have on your meal times. 


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