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Reply to question asking for advice about skin mark on back

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Forgive me if I've got the wrong person but I think you posted a question asking about a mark on your back and included a photo. Unfortunately, before I was able to reply your post had been removed as it contained a photo and posts with photos asking for opinions are not allowed.

I've asked admin to reinstate your post, minus the photo, but unfortunately that's not technically possible but they were able to tell me who had posted it.

I think you said that you'd had several moles removed and were worried about a strange mark that had appeared recently. If you haven't already contacted your SCNS about this could I suggest that you do this as she can then arrange for you to see a consultant before your next check-up is due. I myself had to do this a week ago and had an appointment with my consultant 3 days after I phoned.

I hope it turns out to be nothing but it's better to get anything you're concerned about checked out.


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