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Molosca melanoma

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Does anybody have experience of this type of cancer? Mine started in my cervix.

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Hi , I wondered if the autocorrect had altered what you meant and if you had mucosal melanoma. 

I put mucosal melanoma into the search part and came up with a recent person who I hope won’t mind me tagging her into this discussion, .

It sounds like from reading both your profiles that you are both on Immunotherapy, I don’t know which one’s, I’m on Pembrolizumab but I had an unknown primary discovered when it was found in many lymph nodes, but the assumption is mine was originally cutaneous. 

I hope you find the experience your seeking or feel that you can put a question in either ask a nurse (link below) or to the support line.

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Hi , no problem at all

I have also been treated for mucosal melanoma- mine was on my vulva. Had a major op to remove the cancer at the end of January and have had 2 doses of adjuvant immunotherapy (Pembrolizumab like KTathome)

I have my first post op scans in a couple of weeks, which I’m trying not to think about!

Sorry you’re going through this

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Hi SarahT57

My cancer has recurred and I go to see oncologist for treatment plan on Friday. Not sure what drugs will be offered.

Would be great to hear how your drug affected your treatment and health.

Good luck with your scans!

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Hi, I haven’t suffered any obvious side effects with the Pembrolizumab, but it’s quite early days for me yet (it’s only a week since my second dose).

My cancer hadn’t spread, so I went directly to surgery rather than having immunotherapy first - my current immunotherapy is to try to prevent it spreading / recurring.

I’m sorry to hear your cancer has recurred - hope your appointment goes ok on Friday. I think life is always better with a plan! So I hope you get some clarity at the appointment