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Went to see my gp the other day. He noticed a mole on my face he said he didn’t like the look of it. Referred me to hospital. I go on my birthday of all days.

Im scared. I only finished treatment for breast cancer last year. Don’t think I have the energy to go through it again...

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Hello , commiserations and welcome to the group that I hope you will find supportive and informative. I’m so sorry that you have to face this uncertainty again. It might sound a little storkish but I read your profile and then clicked on your latest activity to see where you were coming from, and saw your post from last May celebrating so well in the breast group, your end of treatment.

You seem to have been through a lot with your breast cancer so I can truly understand why you say your scared and don’t have the energy to go through it again. But in the end we have no choice we buckle up and cope when we have come to terms with what lies ahead.

Your experience with melanoma (if that’s what it is) will be very different though, as the treatment is different as for most people when caught early the surgery is the only treatment, then you will have follow up and the uncertainty that that brings but you probably already have coping strategies and have found the people around you that help you cope so there are positives.

I hope we can be as supportive as the breast group we’re a year ago for you.

Are there any experience, or examples, or information that you are looking for that anyone here can help with, or just expressing how you feel can help, which I’m glad you’ve already done that.

For anyone who’s been reading this group for a while may remember I spent a lot of April, May and June last year whinging when my metastatic melanoma was found to have returned last April a year after stopping my Immunotherapy treatment. I found just voicing the possible bad but also the possible best case scenario helped. When other people do that for you it can seem dismissive of the anguish your going through, but if you can do it yourself, well for me it helped put things in perspective a bit more. 

I hope we can all be a sounding block for you, and help you through the next few weeks. 


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Hi shirl3 i also had 2 cancers within 9 months it was the other way round endometrial being second. I felt id been thro so much with mm with skin graft and slnb that i declined a hysteroscopy first time round and lost few valuable months consequently the womb cancer had already spread by the time it was diagnosed. The good thing with mm if i can use that phrase is because its visible its more likely to be diagnosed before its spread and is very treatable with surgery alone. Because of this it has a very high survival rate. You dont know its mm so one step at a time.