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Found another one!

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I had a T1b melanoma removed 3 yrs ago. Have been going every 3 months to my melanoma nurse for past 3 yrs but not once have they checked my head. I’ve had really bad stress related eczema on my head that’s been so itchy but Today I found a lump on my head that my daughter says is a mole. I also have had for last few days 2 lumps in my neck. I thought the lumps may be due to my eczema but now  I’m really scared it’s back. Thankfully my next skin check is on Tuesday so not long to get checked. Am I being paranoid???? 

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Hi Jacs47,

I don't think you are paranoid at all, you are concerned just like we would all be.  I'm really glad your check up is Tuesday, so you will be getting a full checkup then and your hospital team can make all the necessary assessments to resolve this.

I hope it turns out to be nothing at all, but goodluck and let us know how you got on.  Now go and eat some Easter Eggs!

Take care


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Hi , I have been catching up with some reading about how people are doing in the melanoma group and just hoped that your Tuesday appointment went well. 


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