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Paediatric melanoma - diagnosis process. Anyone out there?

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Hi lovely, thanks for the tips - I'll be sure to try the role play etc.

My daughter's mole is on her arm, it's one of around 15 she has. It has been rapidly changing in size, colour, texture and shape.

I'm sorry to hear you had melanoma yourself, hoping you're well now. As for your little one I'm sure he is fine as people keep telling me (eyeroll) melanoma in children is very rare - to be honest I am fed up of hearing that as it feels SO dismissive of my worries but the reality is that is IS very very rare.

That said your go should always follow nice guidelines to the letter and look at the ABCDE thingy - if you do a quick Google (or not depending on if you avoid) many experts say evolution/change s the most important thing with children as paediatric melanoma often presents differently to adult. Anyway, regardless, as you have family history and significant worries your GP definitely should refer your son - I would insist.

Let me know how you get on xx

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Hi scaredmum90

how are you getting on with your daughters treatment?

has she had the mole removed yet? Do you have any results back?

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Hi rubytip :) removal is on the 28th, hoping for results within 14 days but we'll see! Haven't told her about it yet, we're waiting until about four days before on advice from the dermatologist.

Thanks for asking x