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Waving Hello

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Hello KT

I know you wrote about your mindfulness experience some days ago but I thought at the time what an honest and clear description you gave of that day.  Just didn't have the time or the clarity of thought, still haven't, to reply to you.  I felt very much for you because I could picture myself in that room.  I've never experienced mindfulness and  based on my experiences of yoga and the mind exercises some classes include I don't want to.  I was hopeless in the yoga classes and not just at the exercises with my early onset arthritis.    I guess my way of coping is very different.  My son is high functioning autistic and seems to have a mind so very different to me.  He has done mindfulness and says it helps him get out of his head, whatever that actually means.  I saw he had a card for meditation classes and is planning to attend.  He struggles to fit into a world not designed for people like him so reads self help books and things like mindfulness seem to help.

My thoughts have been with you for the treatment and eventual results.

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Hey KT,

i hope you are ok and that your treatment and scan went well 

thank you for your very honest response, jt was helpful beyond measure and made me realise there is no one size fits all approach and I have to find what is right for me, rather than trying to fit mYself into a certain group. I’ve tried some mindfulness apps, thought I’d give it a go rather than having to leave the house and put myself in some awkward group situation where I have to explain yes I ve got cancer and yes I’m only 31 and yes I’ve got two kids and yes now I’m crying because I can’t actually not do that at the moment when mentioning the word, thought I’d save myself the hassle. Anhe ay, when trying these apps, it’s funny how the thought of organising drawers, cleaning toilets, what are the kids doing (this was meant to be free time ) became more important that listening to the voice whittering on. So I don’t think it suits me. Well not at the moment anyway. I have been getting out and exercising though, only 10-15 mins as I’m quite unfit, I blame having a baby, but it stops me thinking cancer, mainly because I’m concentrating on breathing and right now that will do for me. 

In other news we gave bought a campervan so am going to be spending this summer out in the wilderness with my favourite humans and I can’t wait xx

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Hello and , what nice replies you have both given, I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to reply, I suppose I wasn’t sure what to say either.

I’m glad your Son has found his way of coping with things and you say you have your own way of coping but haven’t let us in on the secret, I’m hoping you will share that later. But your words helped me feel more accepting of my reaction to mindfulness.

, I’m glad you’ve found an app to procrastinate to !! Actually you reminded me that my husband uses an app, well used to I think it was called head space. He used to fall asleep with his phone in his hand, I think you are meant to relax not fall asleep though, but I don’t suppose it matters as long as he sleeps at night aswell. It struck a cord when you mentioned that you always cry at the word cancer. In the few months after I was diagnosed I noticed every add on Tv for funeral plans, Marie curie, Macmillan And cancer research, and when you are trying to relax and watch a tv programme and the plot has a cancer story line, oh and music on the radio the lyrics saying goodbye to loved ones. Actually it’s a good tell those things that in the last week my favourite soap Neighbours has not affected me when Sonia was diagnosed so I can tell I’m doing ok at the moment. The weather has taken a turn for the better so it’s nicer going out for a walk which is my go to coping method, as there is not so much pressure on to talk when your walking or at least you can talk about the wildlife (and in my case also the Pokemon). I have had a break from walking though for a week or so firstly because of treatment and the cold weather and then I thumped my toes on the bed leg while walking past it in a hurry, so hard I’ve been hobbling. The last 2 days I’ve been fine thank goodness both on a long walk, and going up and down steps and inclines, I’m now fit for another walking netball tournament at the weekend. When that’s over it will soon be scan results on Wednesday. Well I think I’ve wittered on enough best of luck to both of you.


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A night owl too KT? Certainly didn’t expect a reply at this time of night, nor to be awaking reading and replying too. The joys of having two babies who breastfeed I guess and I’m gasping for a cuppa now I am awake, so I might sneak downstairs for one after they are done. Ahhh music is an absolute killer for me, I find it so emotive and have shouted at my husband recently when he has played anything which strikes a chord. Not his problem, mine, but what’s a girl to do. 

Sorry you mAnaged to maim yourself, I hope the poorly toe recovers completely. Rushing round is also bad for our health. Walking netball sounds like fun fhough, once these small humans are a bit bigger I must find something like that for some free time. It’s good to have something to take your mind off the upcoming results too, I really hope they have the news you want And I’ll be thinking of you on Wednesday xx