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First 3 month check

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Hi all.

I haven't been on here for a while so hoping everyone is coping ok. I have my first 3 month check on Tuesday but have been to docs today about what I thought was something else but got contacted and asked about the melanoma. In 2011 my L4 and L5 discs prolapsed and to cut a long story short they have never really been right since. Over the last 6 months its been getting worse and I have also been having bodily function issues with symptoms getting worse.

My doctor was fab and said would call Birmingham later today. 2 hours after leaving the doctor, Birmingham rang me to arrange MRI for next week due to my melanoma history. My WLE was in June. Does anyone have experience of this and am I right to be a bit twitchy. Birmingham said they had to rule out things but his first question was about the melanoma not my back which has rattled me a bit.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Have a safe weekend all.

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Hi , I think it’s really reassuring when the drs take extra care of us but it can make most of us a bit twitchy aswell. When melanoma spreads and it’s not picked up it’s very serious, so with your history it’s very reassuring that they are doing extra checks to rule things out. I looked for your profile which You haven’t done yet but by looking at a few of your old posts I think your primary melanoma was on your arm and had not spread to any lymph nodes, but you say you’ve had problems for 6 months which I make well before your melanoma diagnosis. So I’m thinking they are just being thorough and it’s too early to panic. 

I was sent for a bone density scan recently as my scan showed up some degeneration they thought and I’d said I was feeling uncomfortable on that side. Scan came back normal. I went through a period of binge watching the whole of a TV programme called house, 7 series with 22 episodes in most series, it definitely drummed into me that Drs have to do a lot of ruling things out when they need to make a diagnosis. 

Good luck for your appointments next week and please let us know how you get on as I’m sure we will all be thinking of you. If the wait starts to get awful you may have already noticed the community post about keeping positive, here’s the link just in case it’s useful.

Im hoping sharing here helps a bit by voicing that your feeling twitchy about it.

Best wishes


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Hi harriet i really cant quite see a connection from disc troubles in 2011 to mm in june this year. You had a clear wle and as you dont mention slnb assume it wasnt deep enough to need one at least you dont mention it which puts you at stage 1. I think as you have other health issues as kt said they are just being cautious. I hope the mri will make things clear they are very good at picking up all abnormalities not necessarily cancer. I think we all fall into the trap of thinking all our health issues are somehow a result of cancer when mostly there arent. Im guilty of that as i had 2 primaries and always on the watch out. 



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Thanks ladies.

My melanoma was 2b and 3.75 deep and the snlb came back clear so I know everything has been done to treat this since March. My doctor is very on the ball so I am hoping they are covering all bases. Having had previous issues and managing the 18 week waiting rule I guess I am still not used to the speed with which things now happen. This is a good thing for the mind set.

Many thanks.

Have a good weekend all.