New to hear

Hi I'm new to this site, 

I had a mole removed January which came back as stage 1a, a couple if weeks later I had a deeper wider excision which came back all clear,

But since the op I have developed loads of dark moles which started on my chest and back and have now spread to other parts of my body,

In March I had 2 of these new moles removed as a precaution,  on Tuesday I had the news I wasn't expecting to hear that those moles are also cancer, 

I'm struggling to digest this news, I am now waiting for a pet ct scan and start treatment,  how do I cope with the waiting and diagnosis, I keep feeling lost,  sick and don't know what to do

  • Hi,

    Just sending you love. Hard times. Lost is a difficult place to be. Do you have anyone to talk to about all this? If not then please do keep posting and I will reply (and so will others). 

    More love.


  • Hi Puppy love…just checking in with you as I just wanted to let you know you are not on your own…I can’t comment on what’s happening for you with your moles but I, like most on here have had to go through the experience of discovering that we have a cancer diagnosis and I know how that feels and how it can turn your world upside down….please know that this group is very supportive and there is lots of good info on here, both personal and practical…..waiting for scans, appointments, phone calls etc is really tough and probably the hardest bit….I think once you know what’s happening and a plan is made for treatment you will have more clarity in your understanding…the ‘not knowing’ is not great for good mental well-being….hopefully you will have been given details of your team or at least a named nurse…I know I made many phone calls in the very early days whenever I was unsettled and there was always someone who came back to me…..once you know your treatment plan there is loads of good info and experience that you can tap into…..try to focus on being kind to yourself, do the things that can take your mind away even for a short while and come back here anytime it gets a little too much…take care x

  • Hi, thank you so much for your kind words, it's true the hardest part is the waiting, I should of been on annual leave this weekend from work but chose to cancel it and go into work as I feel like I need to be round people and kept busy, 

    I'm planning on contacting my cancer nurse tomorrow to see if she can chase up when I'll be having my scan because like you say once I know results and what I'm dealing with then I can start to plan, at the moment I'm feeling limbo and emotional 

    It's nice to know I can turn to this group for support.


  • Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know I read your post and totally understand where you are coming from.  I was diagnosed with 1a 29th April.  Currently waiting for my WLE which was due 24th May but has now been rescheduled for 21st April. I had body mapping done on Friday 20th May with no concerns for other lesions. I'm finding it hard to trust as I am concerned about one on the sole of my foot. 

    Do keep us updated what staging was given to the others?

    Take care x

  • Hi folks.  You have my sympathy.  I am there or thereabouts myself.  Had WLE, results show it’s deeper.  PET scan coming up on Tuesday.  Best wishes.

  • Hi, hope everything goes ok with your pet scan Tuesday,  it's a scary time

    Hope you don't mind me asking but how long have you had to wait to get pet scan?  I got told Tuesday that moles removed were cancer and I'd be having a pet ct scan and starting treatment in next 2-3 weeks, so far I havnt heard anything.

  • My 1st mole was staged 1a, after wider deeper excision it came back clear,  the other moles I had removed march have just come back cancer but not staged until after I've had a pet ct scan,  hoping they contact me soon with appointments to get things started

  • Hi, thank you for sending your love, it's been nearly a week now since I was given the news, still not registered it,

    I have my husband and work colleagues to confide in but I don't like to worry my husband so tend to deal with things on my own, 

    It's good to know that I have this group who are on the same journey to turn to

    Take care xxx

  • Hi Puppy love, Im sorry you've had all this bad news hon.  The worst but is now when you're in limbo waiting for results and all you can do is just try and keep busy to take your mind off things but the worst scenerios keep popping up into your head. This time last year I was in your position but with a 3c diagnosis already and I was suddenly thinking my time was short.  Once I had a complete diagnosis and treatment plan I felt a little better and a year on I'm just pleased to be fit and well with clear 3 monthly scans.  

    I see you've not yet had the other 2 moles staged as yet but it sounds like they are being thorough with scans.   I hope they are both 1a and your scan is all clear hon xxxx

  • Hi,

    It definitely takes a while to register and then a good while longer to whirl everything round in your head. I also didn't really want to worry my family, especially the kids, so I get where you want to deal with it on your own. Weirdly, it was easier to talk about it with work colleagues as it made it all seem more normal and out there and less scary. And also not having to pretend to be ok quite so much. I think this group might be a good place to be for that as well.

    Take care too!