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Further update on Simon

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Unfortunately the PET scan showed that the enlarged nodes in Simons chest are active cancer spots, and also there is an active area in his prostate, so his lung cancer has come back. Possibly another new cancer too - how many cancers does one man need?? Ive told him hes just showing off now!

He will restart Nivolumab again in the next couple of weeks, and we hope that it a) Works as well as it did the first time and b) doesn't cause the pneumonitis again. If not then probably a platinum based chemo again. Hopefully it wont come to that. So we have had a great couple of years with it under control, and hopefully we can get back to that sitution again.

Nadine xx

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Sorry to hear this, but hopefully the Nivolumab  will do it's job again.

I have followed Simon's story from when i was first diagnosed in 2016 and gave me lots of hope, like Simon i was given immunotherapy not the same one also with good results so far.

Please keep us updated and i will be thinking of you both.

Take Care Ellie xx

"You Never Walk A Lone"

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I love the way you can talk about 'showing off'. That's the best way to get on top of this thing. I had a neuroendocrine tumour removed from my bowel last year and was so proud it was a rare type of cancer. Now my wife has an uncommon type of lung cancer so we just say she's just trying to have the last she does ;-)

I can accept chaos but I'm not sure it can accept me.