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cannula proving too difficult

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Hi all

i had my second Chemo infusion today - it took four attempts to get a cannula in - the record being 8 attempts so far (ended up in my foot).

I'm more than happy to have a 'line in'  - but would welcome your advice, again

the hospital had run out of relevant literature  - but I find your personal experience far more relevant

thanks in advance



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Hi Sue 

I’ve not got there yet with having a line in

My last Chemo sessions, my highest number of attempts were 3 so a long way to go to beat yours

I know not long ago in the incurable group Wee Blonde started a discussion on this and a lot of posts came back with good info 

Maybe do a search for that discussion 

Hope your doing well on your Chemo and side effects not to bad 



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Hi Sue, I’ve just has a PICC line put in today as it was becoming impossible to get cannulas into me or blood taken....I’ve had 2 weeks in hospital since January, 3 chemo and countless scans/ bloods and I have become phobic of it all

Never have I had a fear of needles but unfortunately now I am in tears whenever approached and feel so stupid! Today they decided enough was enough and that the PICC would be easier to fit as the nurse was very experienced. Unfortunately she may have been but my veins again didn’t want to play and the whole procedure took 2 people instead of one and well over an hour. 

I was given 2mg Lorazepam to help calm me which didn’t work as I am used to Diazepam for agoraphobia 25 years, lay down on a bed and had an ultrasound scan on the arm veins. 

An ECG is running at the same time. Then “sharp scratch” of Lidocaine to numb the area and fine needle goes in, up my arm and back down again. It took so long as the veins closed or moved and the nurses were going to give up but finally managed it! Hurrah! With tears streaming I thanked them so much, 4 more bloods and 4 more chemo can all go through that now I hope so I might get a day with no tears! 

I really wish you luck with it, it usually takes 20 minutes and should be virtually pain free. After that, no more cannulas! There are risks involved which are fully explained beforehand. All the best x


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Hi All,

I am in exactly the same boat - it is becoming just to difficult (and stress-inducing) to get bloods or place a cannula into my veins.
I'm having a portacath fitted next week, using local anaesthetic & ultrasound guidance. I'm very much hoping this does the trick to avoid further difficulties!

Hope you all go on okay with venous access options!

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Hi all,

thanks for splendid advice and recommendations

spoke to phlebotomists and nurses today and have asked for a port - under anaesthetic - assuming they can get the anaesthetic in -

last time they gave up - me on the operating table in tears - ended up with gas and air while really naff non listening anaesthetist hung his head in shame for not listening to me and got the stuff in while i was sparko.

one again, thank you ladies for your support