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Update on Simons story

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For those of you interested in following the story of one of our earliest Nivolumab recipients:

So after 2 years and 4 months treatment has now been permanently ceased because of the side effects, which were serious and potentially life threatening. So now Simon is on no treatment and he will have regular scans (first one at end of March) and we wait and see what happens. Will he remain stable because his immune system has been "trained" to keep it inder control, or will the cancer become active again without the regular Nivo infusions? Theres not enough data out there yet for the Oncologist to be able to give us any idea of what happens now, so its fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Nadine xx

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I have followed Simon's progress throughout and am hoping for the best outcome for you, that the immune system has been well and truly trained.

Made in 1956. Tested to destruction.
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 Hi Yours and Simons story was very inspiring for others on the site and i followed with great interest.

 Hope the immune system has been taking notice and trained really well.

Wish you both the best and look forward to your next update.

Take Care Ellie xx

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Thanks for sharing 

I have followed you since coming on here. Fingers crossed it will work ....lets hope the cancer remains inactive and never wakes up. !!! ❤❤

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Your story was truly inspiring, I hope wish and pray come march scan and any future tests, the immune system remains above and beyond its function to keep Simon happy and smiling, to keep him with his wonderful family forever more...Amen

You have been his rock, with your strength and will power, your dear husband has remains strong...

My prayers are with you each day, this remains how we all wish it to be... free from this....

My heart felt prayers to you...


shafi 24