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All over the place

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GBM totally out of the blue, hospital 25th July, surgery 11th august

Pneumonia/Pleurisy for 6 weeks since the 30th August 2014

Dad been in hospital since Thursday 2nd October on intravenous antibiotics

tests done on empyema show two types of bacteria growing so changed antibiotics x ray yesterday fluid still on lung, discussing whether to drain

should have started radiotherapy this week for tumour in brain

awaiting biopsy results of nodules found on outside of the lung, they presume lung cancer but not confirmed and have no idea what type, mentioned relating to asbestos

It's a waiting game!!!!!

No radiotherapy treatment until infection is clear and biopsy results are back just hope they can drain it..........

Anyone going through anything similar?


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What a difficult situation. It is hard to wait for results especially when it delays treatment but wait you must. I hope you have had some progress since your post.

Best wishes


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It was 2 months ago when hubby had a chest infection and had antibiotics, told to have an xray the next week., this showed lots of anomalies and pleural scarring. the next week had Catscan and more bloods done. Results following week inconclusive. So sent for PETscan following week. Hubby told following week, that he was complicated, they intimated cancer. More blood tests and Laporoscopy (camera in lung. Still inconclusive. More bloods done and Lung biopsy. Went back for results, only 2 of the 5 had come back, still inconclusive. Asbestos was questioned. Told if they others came back the same had to have another biopsy. That same night, specialist nurse rang us to say all results in and needed to see us. Went in this Tuesday to be told it was definitely cancer in the lungs and had gone into the lymph nodes. Shock of all was being told chemo was not an option and his prognosis was terminal and with only six months. Still trying to get our heads round it all, a huge roller coaster of emotions Two months of back and forth to be told such devastating news, heartbreaking after 48 years of marriage. 

Heres hoping you get some more positive news and don't wait too long. Whatever the outcome we are all here to help support you and your emotions.

Karen x