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pleomorphic nsclc

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My dad was diagnosed with this in AUG its already stage 4 and very rare my dads in denial but from what i can find out via internet ( hes been given ds1500 form ) well he had a phone call and it was filled out over the phone , 6 months or less has been diagnosed . He has opted for chemo which has made him very ill has any one else got any experience of this xxx

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Hi I was diagjosed in may with nsclc 3b  the cancer nurse the same day filled in a ds1500 form for me.

The pip and mobility was sorted out in 2 weeks.  I havent had a time limit nor do I want one but I also

Thought  a ds1500 applied to people only having 6 months.  That doesnt seem the case it is just the

Cancer diagnosis.  Sorry to hear your dad is ill with the chemo.

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The Macmillan financial advisors got mine sorted out for me, but we first got the DS1500 form from my GP stamped and signed by him, then the Macmillan financial advisor got us in and helped us fill the forms in aquired from the relevant depts.. Within two weeks I got the highest DLA award. Plus I have a blue badge now and free car tax, all a huge help. I was diagnosed terminal in December 2012, I'm still here because I responded to treatment well, because I'm lucky, and because nobody is god as far as I'm aware. I feel well also, but none the less I still live under a terminal diagnosis. The DLA highest award I recieve weekly continues until 2016! After that if I'm still alive I suppose it will change! If it wasn't so serious it would be funny. I can't work anymore, no one would take me on, I need the DLA. Cancer patients miss out on benefits they are entitled to all the time. If you are lucky to have a Macmillan financial advisor in your area ( they're not in all counties ) then I suggest you use them, they are priceless, I knew nothing of benefits, and we didn't need an added worry financially after being hit with my prognosis. I believe the positivity I've got which is helped by a much needed benefit guided to me by the Macmillan team goes a long way towards the fight back. If I lose my benefit in 2016 then I will have been glad to have had it and so very happy to still be alive by then. Some patients respond well to chemo, but feel ill with it, some very ill, but it works, some respond well to it don't feel too ill at all, and it works, sadly some cannot cope with it, their bodies just reject it, and they cannot respond, that is why other treatments then kick in instead like maintenance chemo or radiotheraphy. I was one of the ones who didnt feel to bad with it or radiotheraphy but I suffered after for a while, but to be expected. My options are for more chemo as and when needed, as I know about it now it doesn't scare me anymore. Get whatever you're entitled to, get it now!
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Hi jojo and sorry to hear about your dads illness.A DS1500 says you are not expected to live more than six months but my oncologist said he would do one for me but seriously thinks I will be around loads longer.I still work and do everything.I have incurable cancer which is now treated as a chronic disease....not the same as terminal....but incurable will grant you a DS1500.It is granted for 3 years and then you can reapply if the circumstances are the same.I will be happy to go for that and then if they find something to cure me I will be over the moon......same as most people on here. Best wishes to you and your dad xxx