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Sudden death

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I have been coming onto the site for a while now as my husband (61) has advanced kidney cancer.  His brother who is 5 years older was diagnosed with lung cancer not quite 4 months ago.  He had a lobectomy in November from which he seemed to make a good recovery and had the first of 5 planned cycles of chemo shortly afterwards.  He did not tolerate the chemo well and even had to be taken into hospital a couple of times.  He was given at least one blood transfusion because his blood count was so low.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, he was told that he would have to have 29 sessions of radiotherapy, starting at the end of February.  He had the last of the scheduled chemo this week but it was cut short because he was poorly.  He did not want to stay in hospital (hated them !) so my sister-in-law brought him home yesterday morning.  In the course of the day he got progressively weaker, to such an extent that she ended up getting the emergency services out in the afernoon.  Tragically, by the time they arrived, he had died. 

I'm sure you can all imagine the utter shock that she and we had.  His death seems so sudden and unexplained and, not knowing very much about lung cancer, I decided to post up on here to ask if anybody had had a similar experience with someone they cared for or knew of someone else who had.  It seems unbelievable that he could just go downhill so fast and DIE before medical help came.  Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what type of lung cancer it was, nor what stage it was deemed to be on diagnosis, as my brother- and sister-in-law didn't appear to have asked for that information,  but my other sister-in-law says there was absolutely no mention of metastasis at any point.  Apparently his blood pressure was high but we don't know if that was a side effect of the chemo or an underlying condition.

We are still reeling and can't believe this has happened when we were all hoping he would be making a full recovery so would be grateful if anybody had anything to contribute.

Thank you so much.